Safe-Hit® Delineator Post

The Safe-Hit® Delineator Post is constructed of flexible and durable co-extruded polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. It is self-certified as a NCHRP Report 350 and MASH Category 1 Device, and tested to NTPEP.  It can be configured to MUTCD requirements for delineators or channelizing devices. The Safe-Hit® Delineator Post is ideal for roadside or lane line applications.

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  • Multiple base anchor options and portable bases.
  • Surface mount bases ideal for asphalt or concrete.
  • Soil anchors work in a wide range of soil types.
  • Portable bases available in 18 lbs. and 32 lbs.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) resistant post.
  • Round post design can provide increased visibility in up to 360° direction.
  • Standard post colors: white, yellow, and orange.
  • Standard reflective colors: silver, amber, and orange.
  • Custom colors available.
  • Heights range from 18″ to 54″ above grade.


  • Lightweight delineator post.
  • Two piece, self-locking system helps reduce installation and replacement time.


  • 18″ to 54″ High
  • 2.25″ Diameter
  • 3″ Width on Flattened Top Versions




Posts & Base Options

Surface Mount, Soil Anchor, or Guardrail Post Types

  • Multiple configurations with either flat top or round top to fit various applications.

Surface Mount Base Options

  • Surface mount pin lock base
  • Surface mount twist lock base
  • Sub-level twist lock base
  • Sub-surface twist lock base
  • Portable base

Soil Anchor Options

  • Open end galvanized anchor
  • Closed end galvanized anchor
  • 8″, 14″, 18″, and 24″ anchor lengths available for different soil conditions.

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Product Documents

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Safe-Hit® Delineator Post


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Safe-Hit® Catalog

Specifications (coming soon)

Safe-Hit® Ground Mount Two-Piece Flexible Delineator General Product Specification
Safe-Hit® Surface Mount Two-Piece Flexible Delineator General Product Specification

Reflective Sheeting & Labels 

Reflective Sheeting (coming soon)
Reflective Field Application Procedure


Specialty Markers 

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