Dura-Post® VP

The Dura-Post® VP Vertical Panel is designed to meet requirements for high visibility, reboundable sign and panel systems. The Dura-Post® VP has been tested to withstand 10 bumper hit and wheel over impacts at 55 mph. The Dura-Post® VP is eligible for use as a High Visibility Median Separator delineation device. The Dura-Post® VP is also ideal for vertical panel applications such as Pedestrian Crossing Systems and Hazard Panels for both permanent and temporary roadway applications.

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All panels incorporate the Safe-Slot™ design feature and can be configured to the requirements of the MUTCD where applicable. Dura-Post® VP vertical panels are available as ready to use panels, panel blanks, and reflectorized panels.

  • Uses Dura-Post® Technology.
  • Stainless steel locking and sign panel fastening hardware.
  • Safe-Slot™ Vertical Panel designed to help improve impact performance.
  • Surface Mount, Soil Anchor, and Portable Mat models available.
  • Twister base option available for applications that require quick and frequent installation and removal.
  • Standard post colors: yellow, orange, and white.
  • Standard heights: 36″, 42″, and 48″
  • Multiple panel configurations available.


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Are your delineators reboundable?

All Safe-Hit delineators and posts are tested to rebound from impacts and rollovers in accordance with NTPEP test requirements. The Dura-Post is tested to over 200 impacts and rollovers at 60 mph.

Are Dura-Post® and Safe-Hit® product line parts interchangeable?

No. There are slight differences between the mounting features of the Safe-Hit product line and the Dura-Post product line.

Do the delineator posts come with caps?

All Safe-Hit posts come capped. Dura-Post delineators do not come capped, but caps can be requested during the order process.

What different colors of posts, reflectives and bases do you offer?

Standard Post Colors: White, Yellow, or Orange.

Custom Colors: Light Gray, Dark Gray, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, or Red.

Standard Reflective Sheeting: Silver, Amber, or Orange. Request our Decals & Reflective Sheeting document for other reflective options.

Standard Base Color: Black. Custom Base Colors: Yellow or Orange. Note, minimum quantities for non-standard colors may apply. Inquire for details.

How warm should a concrete or asphalt surface be for an epoxy application?

The recommended installation temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) or above. If weather conditions are colder than a minimum installation temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7.2 degrees Celsius), a blowtorch can be used to warm the asphalt or concrete surface. Additionally, to enable the epoxy to mix easier, it can be warmed up in a warm vehicle prior to application.

Why have my white Safe-Hit posts which have been in storage turned pink?

Due to the ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors in our post’s polyethylene composition, posts kept in storage and in dark conditions will exhibit a change in color shade from white to pink. When you pull a Safe-Hit post from the cardboard shipping box and notice a pink blemish on the post do not be alarmed. This is a normal, temporary reaction between a substance in the cardboard when it is in contact to the delineator material. When the delineator is exposed to sunlight the pink blemish will disappear in a matter of hours.

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Dura-Post® VP


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