Dura-Post® VP

The Dura-Post® VP Vertical Panel is designed to meet requirements for high visibility, reboundable sign and panel systems. The Dura-Post® VP has been tested to withstand 10 bumper hit and wheel over impacts at 55 mph. The Dura-Post® VP is eligible for use as a High Visibility Median Separator delineation device. The Dura-Post® VP is also ideal for vertical panel applications such as Pedestrian Crossing Systems and Hazard Panels for both permanent and temporary roadway applications.

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All panels incorporate the Safe-Slot™ design feature and can be configured to the requirements of the MUTCD where applicable. Dura-Post® VP vertical panels are available as ready to use panels, panel blanks, and reflectorized panels.

  • Uses Dura-Post® Technology.
  • Stainless steel locking and sign panel fastening hardware.
  • Safe-Slot™ Vertical Panel designed to help improve impact performance.
  • Surface Mount, Soil Anchor, and Portable Mat models available.
  • Twister base option available for applications that require quick and frequent installation and removal.
  • Standard post colors: yellow, orange, and white.
  • Standard heights: 36″, 42″, and 48″
  • Multiple panel configurations available.


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Dura-Post® VP


Dura-Post® Vertical Panels, Surface Mount Base
Dura-Post® Base Placement Instructions
Rectangular Rubber Mat Assembly
Safe-Hit® & Dura-Post® Twister® Assembly
Dura-Post® Placement Using Coupling Nut Anchors
Dura-Post® Placement Using Screw Anchors & Grout


Dura-Post® VP Pedestrian Crossing


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