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Valtir Rentals Provided Construction Site and Pedestrian-Traffic Channelization Solutions during Clemson University’s Memorial Stadium Renovation Project


Valtir Rentals Provided Construction Site and Pedestrian-Traffic Channelization Solutions during Clemson University’s Memorial Stadium Renovation Project


Valtir | August 23, 2022

Valtir Rentals provided construction site safety solutions, such as perimeter fencing around the Clemson Memorial Stadium during the university’s stadium renovation project that started at the end of the 2021 season.

The Division I Football Bowl Subdivision Clemson University Tigers have one of the most elite U.S. football programs, drawing fanfare and tradition to Clemson, S.C. Clemson Memorial Stadium, or “Death Valley” as it is lovingly called, is undergoing a phased renovation project to enhance the fan experience. 

Brasfield & Gorrie, a Greenville, S.C. general contractor, is well-known in the football stadium construction arena and is involved in both Phases I and II. Starting at the end of the 2021-22 season, the company dismantled the scoreboard, and construction began on a new video board. The new 7,166-square-foot video board—which is five times bigger than the previous scoreboard— will be complemented by LED stadium lighting and a new sound system. This phase also adds premium seating, club spaces, and accessible seating. Phase II will focus on locker room renovations and parking lot upgrades.

During Phase I, a portion of Williamson Road near Memorial Stadium was reduced to one lane, and a temporary stop light was added. To ensure the safety of the students, staff, visitors, and construction workers, the Yodock® 2001MB barricades from Valtir Rentals (formerly Trinity Highway Rentals) were installed for the street closure, with the fence application. This barricade system gave the workers the space they needed around the scoreboard to get their job done and move heavy equipment to and from the site while also protecting the workers from on-coming traffic and the students from the construction site.

Yodock® 2001MB is a plastic, water-filled longitudinal channelizing device (LCD) that is designed for traffic and pedestrian channelization, road and street closures, or perimeter fencing for vertical construction. The units are attached end-to-end using plastic couplers. The lightweight system is made from high-density polyethylene and can be positioned by hand. It is stackable, which makes transportation and storage more efficient and less expensive. While the most popular color is white, custom colors are available. The 2001MB is MASH Level 2 tested as a longitudinal channelizer. The units are 6 feet long and 18 inches wide with an 85-pound empty weight. The project ordered 750 feet of Yodock® 2001MB.

“I used this same system at Camperdown, a mixed-use development in downtown Greenville,” says Mark Young, a senior superintendent with Brasfield & Gorrie. “I like the level of safety that it provides to the workers who work inside the perimeter of these barricades. The barricades are easy to move and rearrange if the need arises. The site prep was a group effort between Clemson Athletics, Clemson University, campus police, and all the people who run the bus system. The primary focus of the group was student and pedestrian safety, as well as the safety of motorists and the bus system.”

Brasfield & Gorrie was asked to demolish the old board, footings, and surrounding fence and gates; drill 19 cylindrical piers 30 inches in diameter at a minimum of 25 feet into the bedrock below the new board; pour pile caps 4 feet thick on top of the piers and set anchor bolts 2 1/2 inches in diameter that were an average of 4-feet long into the concrete of the cap; and erect primary steel with eight catwalks built into the framework that hold all the electrical components that power the board along with all the sound systems.

“Brasfield & Gorrie has a culture that is based on safety,” Young says. “Safety has guided our decisions since the company was founded.”

The project began right after the Tigers’ last 2021 home football game, and the Yodock® 2001MB Barricades were on site by the end of November 2021. The project was completed by the start of the following football season, with a home opener on Sept. 10, 2022.

“This was a great opportunity to work with B&G Equipment & Supply and Brasfield & Gorrie on a cool project. Everyone worked together and got the customer taken care of. We look forward to working with this company again in the future,” says York Godfrey, sales representative with Valtir Rentals.

Source: Valtir, LLC


Safety and Visibility Are Key Needs in Airport Construction


Safety and Visibility Are Key Needs in Airport Construction


Valtir | August 1, 2022

These Aerocade FOD-free, low-profile barricades are used at Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Conn. PHOTO RIGHTS: VALTIR, LLC

Whether an airport project is new construction, repair or replacement, the methods and materials of choice all need to provide safety while the work is in progress and afterward, when the facility or runway is in use.

A well-known construction safety solution is the Aerocade Airport Barricade, a low-profile, water-filled, collapsible device that delineates work zones for construction and maintenance on airport runways and taxiways. It can be interconnected end-to-end for use as a demarcation device and accessorized with warning lights and flags.

The barricade is used for airport construction and maintenance, runway and taxiway projects, and as a navigational aid in and around the airfield. The Aerocade, a product of Valtir, LLC (formerly Trinity Highway), is also designed to meet the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2G.

“Whether long- or short-term, we are excited about all of our rental projects, like the recent two-month rental project at Bradley International Airport where our barricades were used,” said Valtir Rental and Sales Representative Eileen Gregory. “We received nothing but compliments for our service and company.”

Convenience and safety factors include: reflective sheeting for increased visibility, which can be accessorized with warning lights and flags, and is collapsible and stackable for more efficient transportation and storage. The FOD-free design offers jet blast resistance when properly filled with water. Valtir, LLC is a global supplier of commercial highway products, including guardrails, end terminals, cable and steel longitudinal barriers, crash cushions, truck and trailer mounted attenuators, water-filled barricades, sign supports, and delineators. Valtir’s products are tested to, and eligible for, reimbursement under established U.S. federal crash test standards and FAA Advisory Circulars, and our products meet FAA’s American Made Designation.

“Waters Construction has proven themselves once again at the Taxiway Rehabilitation of Taxiway S at Bradley International Airport,” said Gregory. “During a time of material delays and labor shortages; we are humbled to provide our signature airport barricades, Aerocades, along with lights, flags, and Lighted “X” Runway Closure Trailers.  We pride ourselves on our above and beyond customer service to serve customers such as Waters.  While Waters Construction continues to successfully and effectively produce high-quality work on time, we look forward to partnering with them again in the near future.”

Source: ENR Magazine