Triton Barrier® TL-2

The Triton Barrier® TL-2 is a portable, water filled barrier for redirective applications. The system consists of a number of interlocking, 6.5 ft. (2 m) barrier sections made of polyethylene plastic with an internal steel framework. The Triton Barrier® is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2.

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  • Steel reinforced polyethylene barrier sections.
  • Can be used as water filled longitudinal work zone barriers.
  • First 10 sections of Triton Barrier® TL-2 can be used as end treatment.
  • Transition hardware available for attachment to guardrail or concrete barrier.
  • Cost effective compared to portable concrete barriers.
  • Durable in adverse weather conditions.

Assembly & Maintenance

  • The minimum assembly length is 15 sections for Test Level 2.
  • Lightweight sections can be unloaded and positioned by hand.
  • Convenient forklift ports and fill level indicator.

Assembly Includes:

  • Unload
  • Position and pin
  • Fill with water


  • 6’ 6″ (2 m) Long
  • 21″ (533 mm) Wide
  • 32″ (813 mm) High
  • 140 lbs. (65 kg) Empty Weight
  • 1,350 lbs. (610 kg) Weight With Water
  • 145 gal. (550 liters) Water Ballast

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Triton Barrier® TL-2 


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