The HEART™ is a redirective, non-gating crash cushion.  It is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3. The HEART™ crash cushion uses High Molecular Weight/High Density Polyethylene (HMW/HDPE) side panels and a rounded frontal nose piece, which are connected to steel diaphragms mounted on tubular steel tracks. The HMW/HDPE panels and nose help reduce repair and maintenance costs.

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  • Potentially reusable HMW/HDPE side panels and frontal nose when impacted within NCHRP Report 350 crash test standards.*
  • Anchor bolts are accessible without the removal of side panels or diaphragms.



*After an impact, the product must be inspected and evaluated per the direction of the specifying roadway authority. The ultimate decision on reusability rests with the specifying roadway authority and/or state DOT.

Assembly & Maintenance

  • Units arrive assembled.
  • Installs on new or existing concrete pad.
  • Open frame design helps facilitate installation, inspection, or repair.


Back-Up Structure and Attachments

  • Concrete barrier(s)
  • Bridge pier(s)
  • Bridge parapet(s)
  • Square blocks(s)


  • 2,700 lbs.
  • 26′ Long
  • 32″ High
  • 25″ – 27” Wide at the Diaphragms with a Maximum Width of 36″ between Diaphragms 2 and 3.

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HEART Product Description Assembly Manual
Concrete Foundations Product Specifications