SoftStop® System

The SoftStop® System is a tangent, single-sided, energy absorbing, redirective and gating end terminal. The SoftStop® System is tested to MASH 2016 Test Level 3 criteria and may be used in Test Level 1, Test Level 2, and Test Level 3 applications.

During head-on impacts within MASH criteria, the SoftStop® System is designed to dissipate energy by the head traveling down the anchored W-Beam panels. During length-of-need side impacts within MASH criteria, the SoftStop® System is designed to contain and redirect the impacting vehicle.

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  • The front anchorage is designed to allow the W-Beam guardrail panels to remain anchored during end-on impacts within MASH criteria.
  • Narrow head design helps minimize nuisance impacts from vehicles and maintenance operations, such as mowing and snow removal.


  • Tangent
  • Redirective & Gating
  • BLON: 16′ 6″ (at Post 3)
  • Head Width: 7″

System Length

  • 50′ 9 ½″ (Test Level 3)
  • 38′ 3 ½″ (Test Level 2)
  • 25′ 9 ½″ (Test Level 1)

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SoftStop® System


SoftStop® System Product Description Assembly Manual – 8″ Composite Block
SoftStop® System Product Description Assembly Manual – 12″ Composite Block

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SoftStop® System Drawings with 8″ Composite Block
SoftStop® System Drawings with 12″ Composite Block

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SoftStop® System Winch Plate Instructions
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