Safe-Hit® SQR-LOC® Flexible Delineator

The Safe-Hit® SQR-LOC® Flexible Delineator combines the Safe-Hit® Delineator Post with standard 2″ perforated square tube anchors. The four-piece system consists of a post, anchor, collar, and pin. The system is assembled and secured with a single push-in roll-pin which helps to facilitate easier installation and maintenance. The Safe-Hit® SQR-LOC® Flexible Delineator is self-certified as a NCHRP Report 350 and MASH Category 1 Device, and tested to NTPEP. It can be configured to MUTCD requirements for delineators or channelizing devices and is ideal for soil mount applications.

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Collar (Optional)

Optional 8″ Protective Collar Designed to Help:

  • Protect the post hinge point from cutting during wheel over impacts.
  • Reduce tire puncture hazard by an exposed anchor.
  • Secure the retaining pin.
  • Inhibit vegetation growth around the post.
  • Provide protection to the post from impacts within NCHRP Report 350 and MASH Category 1 Device crash test standards.


Standard 2″ Perforated Square Tube Anchor:

  • Common square sign post tube.
  • Enables direct replacement of existing installations that need repair.
  • Uses standard square sign post driver tools.
  • Can be used for soil or concrete installations.


Uses Safe-Hit® Tube-in-Tube™ Delineator Technology:

  • Tested for impacts including bumper and wheel overs.
  • Same familiar look as standard Safe-Hit® Delineators.
  • Cross-Crimp™ post fits a wide range of anchor tolerances.


Additional Features

  • Ultraviolet (UV) resistant post.
  • Round post design can provide increased visibility in up to 360° direction.
  • Standard post colors: white and yellow.
  • Custom colors available.
  • Four piece self-righting, self-locking system helps reduce installation and replacement time.
  • Tested to NTPEP.


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Safe-Hit® SQR-LOC® Flexible Delineator


Safe-Hit® SQR-LOC®Placement Instructions with Collar
Safe-Hit® SQR-LOC® Version Placement Instructions without Collar


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