Safe-Hit® Sno-Post

The Safe-Hit® Sno-Post™ Boundary Marker is an efficient, affordable replacement for traditional snow posts – painted wooden sticks, skinny fiber poles or expensive delineator posts. The marker is made of 3 components: a 36″ post constructed of flexible, durable polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors, a 12″ anchor made of high impact polystyrene, and one of four fastener options.

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The Safe-Hit® Sno-Post™ Boundary Marker is designed to provide increased visibility compared to traditional skinny sticks. Available in two diameters, the post is topped with bright, retro­reflective sheeting to help increase visibility to snow plow operators and other motorists. The Sno-Post™ is ideal for marking boundaries or specific locations, and can be installed in areas with low to moderate density soil. A drive tool attachment is available for use with the Safe-Hit® Post Driver.


Additional Applications

  • Utility markers
  • Fire hydrant markers
  • Distance markers
  • Drain & culvert markers
  • Walking trail & campsite markers


Post & Anchor

36″ Tall Post, 3″ Reflector Available in Two Widths

  • 1.75″ (medium) black
  • 2.25″ (large) multiple colors


12″ Plastic Anchor

  • High impact polymer
  • Structural support fins
  • Drive tool attachment available for use with the Safe-Hit® Post Driver for easier installation.


Fastener Options

  • Tie wrap (standard)
  • Push pins
  • Galvanized or stainless roll pin
  • Galvanized or stainless nut & bolt



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Safe-Hit® Sno-Post


Sno‐Post Boundary Marker Placement Instructions


Sno‐Post Boundary Marker Large & Medium Diameter


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