The N-E-A-T® is a non-redirective crash cushion that consists of a configuration of aluminum cells encased in an aluminum shell. The system is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 2 at 45 mph (70 km/h). The N-E-A-T® crash cushion can be used in temporary work zone applications.

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  • Self-contained cartridge.
  • Utilizes the concrete barrier’s existing pin and loop connection for attachment.
  • Nose piece is equipped with a chevron sign, which is reversible for unidirectional or bidirectional traffic.
  • Lightweight design helps facilitate ease of transport.


Assembly & Maintenance

  • Few components to install.
  • Integrated caster wheels for repositioning and resetting.
  • Does not use concrete foundations or ground anchors.
  • Convenient attachment to portable concrete barrier.


Back-Up Structure and Attachments

  • Concrete barrier(s)
  • Steel barrier(s)


  • 9’ 8″ (2,960 mm) Long
  • 22.5″ (570 mm) Wide
  • 2’ 8″ (810 mm) High
  • 297 lbs. (135 kg)

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N-E-A-T® Assembly Manual