HighwayGuard Barrier

The HighwayGuard Barrier is a portable, longitudinal redirecting steel barrier made of lightweight, galvanized steel segments. It is tested to MASH 16 Test Level 3 and Test Level 4. The HighwayGuard Barrier can be used in work zone applications with other compatible end treatments such as the QuadGuard®.

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  • Deployable in either single 20′ segments or dual 40′ segments.
  • Standard or Lowest Deflection Systems available for applications where space is limited.
  • Designed to help reduce work zone congestion in high traffic areas by creating temporary lane shifts and work zone closures during off -peak or weekend hours.
  • Tested to MASH 16 TL-3 and TL-4.

Why Choose Our HighwayGuard™ Barrier?

Assembly & Maintenance

  • Symmetrical barrier sections with universal T-connectors allow for any section to connect
    to one another, in either direction, significantly lowering installation time and operational costs and reducing inventory.
  • Multiple lifting points and grab options for minimizing labor and enhancing safety.
  • Narrow barrier profile allows up to 827 linear feet to be transported on a single truckload.


  • Length: 19.68′ (6.00 m)
  • Height: 31.50′ (0.80 m)
  • Width: 21.25″ (0.54 m)
  • Module Weight: 1217 lbs. (552 kg)
  • T-Connector Weight: 95 lbs. (43 kg)
  • System Weight: 62 lb/ft (99 kg/m)

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HighwayGuard Barrier


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