GUIDE LITE® Snowplowable, Raised Pavement Marker

The GUIDE LITE® is a lightweight, snowplowable, raised pavement marker. It is tested to NTPEP. Made of a durable plastic material with abrasion resistant steel rub rails, the GUIDE LITE® weighs substantially less than similarly sized cast iron markers. Installation involves using standard industry reflectors, slot cutting equipment, and adhesive. GUIDE LITE® is designed to allow for snow plows and other road maintenance equipment to glide over the product, without cast iron debris.

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  • Made of lightweight, yet durable materials.
  • Weighs substantially less than similarly sized cast iron markers.
  • Uses standard industry reflectors.
  • Integrated leveling tabs are designed to help install reflector at proper height above the road surface.
  • Installs in asphalt or concrete with standard slot cutting equipment.
  • Tested to NTPEP.





  • Weight: 1.29 lbs.
  • Dimensions: L: 9.45 in, W: 5.75 in, H: 1.70 in.
  • Reflector Height: 0.25 in above road surface.


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