The Trend® CEN DS End Terminal is a double-sided, energy absorbing steel post terminal. While the TREND® CEN DS is intended primarily for use with double-sided W-beam barriers, special transitions may allow for use with other barriers.

During a head-on impact within ENV 1317-4 criteria, longitudinal forces yield the system posts. Friction between the panels and deformation of the rail sections help absorb energy as they slide rearward over the shaper fins on the adjoining panels.

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During a side impact within ENV 1317-4 criteria along the TREND® CEN DS, the yielding posts are designed to laterally support the rail sections so that the impacting vehicle can be redirected.

  • Energy-absorbing W-beam barrier terminal.
  • 110 km/h (P4) and 80 km/h (P2) systems available.
  • Tested to European ENV 1317-4 criteria.
  • Driven or concrete socked post options.
  • Debris field of less than 1 meter.
  • Displacement zone level D1.1 (permanent lateral displacement ≤ 1.0 meter).
  • Certificate of Conformity issued by EU Notified Body.
  • Galvanized, all-steel construction for durability.
  • Multiple post anchoring options.




  • P4 (5-Post System for 110 km/h) 8.42 m
  • P2 (3-Post System for 80 km/h) 4.42 m

Post Spacing: 2 m


  • P4 (5-Post System) 375 kg
  • P2 (3-Post System) 230 kg

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TREND® CEN DS Product Description Assembly Manual
TREND® CEN DS Anchorage Guidelines