Yodock® Emergency Response Trailer

Our water filled barricades trailer. The Yodock® Emergency Response Trailer (ERT) package is designed to provide rapid and efficient deployment of Yodock® water filled barricades during an emergency. Ideal applications include hazardous material spills, traffic management, restricted access, fires, flooding, and other emergency response situations. Customizable ERT trailers are fitted with Yodock® 2001, 2001M, 2001MB, or 2001SL water filled barricades.

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  • Road Closures
  • Traffic Channelization
  • Emergency Perimeter Containment
  • Security Checkpoints
  • Events & Crowd Control
  • Rapid Deployment & Evacuations

Additional equipment such as pumps, hoses, dollies, lights, fence, signage, and longitudinal barrier reinforcement kits can be included.

Markets Served

  • County Emergency Management
  • Police, Fire & Rescue
  • Military Bases
  • DOT
  • Federal Emergency Response Agencies

Assembly & Maintenance

  • Barricades are stackable for more efficient transportation and storage.
  • Forklift access designed for easier loading and unloading.
  • Trailer package is its own self-contained storage unit.


Yodock® ERT 10 Foot:

  • Maximum 2001 barricades: 8
  • Maximum 2001M barricades: 18
  • Maximum 2001MB barricades: 15

Yodock® ERT 14 Foot:

  • Maximum 2001 barricades: 12
  • Maximum 2001M barricades: 24
  • Maximum 2001MB barricades: 20

Yodock® ERT 18 Foot:

  • Maximum 2001 barricades: 16
  • Maximum 2001M barricades: 36
  • Maximum 2001MB barricades: 30

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Yodock® Emergency Response Trailer