The Advanced Dynamic Impact Extension Module (ADIEM®) is a redirective, energy absorbing, narrow crash cushion that consists of 10 lightweight, crushable concrete modules. The ADIEM® crash cushion is tested to NCHRP Report 350 Test Level 3. Enhanced coatings and optional covers help provide protection from the weather.

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  • Does not use site-specific foundation pad. Can be placed on existing surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or compacted soil/base material.
  • Composed of three component groups:
    • Reinforced concrete base
    • Engineered lightweight concrete modules
    • Anchor brackets
  • Redirective capability (Beginning Length of Need at 15′ (4.6 m) from nose).

Assembly & Maintenance

  • Does not use torque-sensitive bolts.
  • Does not use concrete foundation pad.
  • Can be used with temporary or permanent concrete barriers.
  • Pinned anchorage is designed to help facilitate easier movement and relocation of the unit.
  • Lightweight modules are uniform in design and composition, and do not use sequence priority when attaching or replacing damaged modules.
  • Damage to the product after an impact within NCHRP Report 350 crash test standards is typically confined to the modules which helps facilitate easier repair.*


*After an impact, the product must be inspected and evaluated per the direction of the specifying roadway authority. The ultimate decision on reparability rests with the specifying roadway authority and/or state DOT.


  • System Length: 30′ (9.1 m) Base
  • System Width: 32″ (813 mm) at Widest Point
  • System Height: 28″ (712 mm) at Nose, 49″ (1,245 mm) at Fixed Object
  • Base Weight: 11,500 lbs. (5,216 kg)


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ADIEM® Product Description Assembly Manual
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