Boosting Safety at Runways and Taxiways With Innovative Barricade Solutions


Boosting Safety at Runways and Taxiways With Innovative Barricade Solutions


Valtir News | July 10, 2021

Valtir Rentals Barricades at Atlanta Airport

Airport construction and maintenance activities can be complex and even dangerous, particularly in areas near active taxiways.

Valtir Rentals offers a broad range of innovative products to reduce potential safety risks and keep projects moving toward completion. The company provides solutions for construction sites, traffic control, pedestrian/vehicular delineation, and perimeter security.

One example is the low-profile Aerocade Airport Barricade, which is a water-filled, collapsible channelization system that is used to delineate construction zones on airport runways and taxiways. Lightweight enough to be installed and removed by hand, it comes with reflective sheeting that works in tandem with accessory options such as warning lights and flags to help boost visibility, and it is stackable for efficient transportation and storage. The Aerocade can also be interconnected end-to-end for use as a demarcation device, and it meets FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-2G requirements for operational safety during construction.

Other popular offerings available for purchase or rent include Yodock water-filled barricades, runway and taxi-closure marker signs, and runway closure marker trailers. To learn more about Valtir Rentals’ full line of airport solutions, please visit

Source: ENR Magazine